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In the League of Legend game, there are four different positions where you can stand.The positions are Top lane, Mid Lane, Bottom Lane and Jungle. The positions on the summoner’s rift are Top lane, Middle lane and Bottom lane. But what’s your task as a jungler? What do you have to do when you buy cheap League of Legends accounts? And where do you have to stand? We have it all sorted out. If you read this blog you’ll know everything about being a Jungler.

Get maximum XP as a Jungler

You can get maximum XP as a Jungler very easy if you have cheap LoL accounts. You can gain XP without sharing this gained CP with other players. How? By utilizing the Jungle camps! If you are with more players in a Top lane, Mid lane or Bottom lane, you’ll have to split the XP. So if there’s a player from the other team and this person is the only one in this lane, there will be a great level difference. He will be a lot stronger than one of you. Despite you’re with more than one player. Being the only one in your lane allows you to get the full XP. And also as a Jungler you’ll get the full XP. It’s a win-win situation.

Your task as a Jungler

If you are a Jungler you have two important tasks. The first one is to get XP. You can get XP by not getting in the other lanes when your teammates don’t need you. You can gain XP when you kill creatures while moving from camp to camp. In the game you will be busy running around between the camps to collect as much XP as possible. Sometimes you’ll pass a lane. And when you’ll pass a lane, your second task begins. You can assist the lane by trying to gank the enemy laner and pushing minions. As a jungler you are very mobile, you can deal a lot of damage and you have huge gap closers.

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