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Do you want to play League of Legends for the first time? Or do you want to make your friends enthusiastic about this popular game? Read or let your friends read this blog! In this blog we will tell you all the basics about the League of Legends game. How do you get started with playing League of Legends? How do you become a better player even if you’ve little time to play the game? We give you all the answers.

Get started LoL

First, you’ll have to download and install the game. You can find the game on the official website of League of Legends. You can download the game for free and it is easy to download and install LoL. Have you installed the game? Then you’re ready to begin! The first times you’ll play the game it can be difficult to find your way and to figure it all out. If you want to have more information and want to look things up while playing the game, you can read many forums where everyone is willing to help you out.  And on the official site, you can find a player guide especially for everyone who is new to the game.

How to purchase in-game stuff

To purchase in-game stuff you’ll have to have a different tender, like Riot Points and Influence Points. You can earn these points when you are playing the game. But to earn a great amount of points, you’ll have to play League of Legends a lot. And with a lot we mean like 24/7. And who got time for that? Exactly, no one. Or maybe you want to spend your summer vacation sitting inside and playing LoL every day and night, but there are healthier ways to spend your days. You can also buy Riot points and Influence points online. We will show you the most reliable and cheapest sellers on the web.

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