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League of Legends is one of the biggest and most popular games in the e-sport world. The team behind this game decided the game needed a few new elements which would make the game even more interesting. They decided to add a new storyline. This storyline is more special than storylines in other e-sport games and we will tell you why! It has something to do with a special LoL relationship.

New story with LoL relationship

To create another dimension to the storyline, they decided to add a tragedy element. A relationship that gets torn apart. And this relationship makes it even more special than in other games. That’s because this relationship is between two men! They have a big fear that they might lose the one that they’re deeply in love with. This story is going to be so real that you only want to know what’s going to happen next.

Diversity was never the goal

The beautiful thing about this story, is that is wasn’t forced from RIOT GAMES. It was never the goal to create diversity. For the makers of this story it was just a normal thing to add. The makers also say that in a world where strange things are happening, like someone who can threw a flaming teddy bear at you, no-one is going to bat an eyelid about a gay relationship. Something that has to be an ordinary thing in real-life also.

Where can I see more about the story?

We have found a great movie of the making of the story on YouTube. The makers of this story are telling about how this most recent Varus comic has come to life. It’s very interesting how they use their imagination, fantasy and ideas and make it come to life. It makes the characters of League of Legends much more real.

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