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The Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix won the world championship of the popular online PC game League of Legends on Sunday. The Asian team beat the European team G2 Esports and can add at least 1 million euros to the bill.

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More than one hundred million people watching

Reportedly, more than one hundred million people watched the hour-long final Sunday, which was ultimately decided 3-0 in favor of the Chinese team.

Total amount won much higher!

The total amount won must still be determined. Developer Riot Games initially said that at least 2.25 million dollars (more than 2 million euros) would be paid to participants of the tournament, but due to various crowdfunding campaigns and sponsors, the final amount is always much higher. In 2018 there would have been played for nearly 6.5 million dollars.

Louis Vuitton suitcase for the megatrophy

Various analysts hoped in advance that G2 Esports would win the victory. For the first time in history, the team would have won all prizes within one calendar year

The final was held in Paris. This year the megatrophy therefore came in a suitcase from the French fashion house Louis Vuitton, which had designed the product especially for the event.

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